Leisure Bay Neighborhood Watch

28 Oktober 2013

Please e mail this. We want to thank the reservists for their good work last night. They searched for the culprits in the bush at 02:00 this morning. Thank you. Please all homeowners pay your dues. We need these good people. Boet and Laetitia Boucher


Datum 21 Oktober 2013

Laetitia Boucher

Ja ek stem saam dat dit n jammerte is dat mense wat dit kan bekostig en die voorreg het om in so n pragtige paradys te woon nie wil bydra tot jul goeie werk nie. Dankie vir die vriendelike gesigte op die golf karretjie.


Pieter Strobos

Jammer om te hoor van die afname met inbetalings.

Ek betaal nog gereeld en is ook nie van plan om dit te stop nie.

Dankie vir jul harde en toegewyde werk.

Hoop julle oproep het positiewe resultate.

Hou ons asb op hoogte van die resultate.


Date: Sat, May 18, 2013 at 9:24 PM

Hi Bob,

Having sadly returned from Leisure Bay after spending the last 4 weeks at our holiday home on my own, I would like to commend and thank all the staff of the Leisure Bay Neighbourhood Watch, as well as the police reservists for the constant foot patrols and motor patrols past my home. GP Security company was also very visible and that always makes one feel comfortable. I know the LBNW do much work with very little or no compensation, often using their own funds for the reservists, petrol, telephone and cell phone accounts. May I take this opportunity to appeal to all residents to help where possible. By us all doing our little bit we can all look forward to a crime free, safe Leisure Bay that we  love so much.

I look forward to my next visit, hopefully before December.

Kind regards.

Shirley van Son